"I had my has first BUBZ Maternity Wear experience when my 2nd baby boy was just 4weeks old.  The versatility of the dress is incredible.  The easy to create styles are great.  As a nursing mum, I am delighted that there are styles which allow for skin on skin contact, perfect for breast feeding”. 

Sarah,  (Lilyfield NSW).


"I received my Bubz Maternity Wear 5x piece combo when I was just 11 weeks pregnant with my baby boy.  The various styles that can be achieved from the dress are amazing. When teamed with the other Bubz pieces the amount of comfy yet fashionable outfits to get you through your pregnancy is awesome.   I particularly love the Wonder Wrap as a breastfeeding cover up).

Veronica    (Balmain NSW 


“As well as the styling options, the thing I love about Bubz Maternity Wear is it is so so comfortable and so so breathable.  The fabric’s breathability is especially great, if like me, you suffer from the heat during pregnancy".      

 Nermeen (Glenmore Park NSW)



The Bubz Wonder Wrap is not just a great fashion piece but also amazing as a nurture cover up for discrete breast feeding, any time anywhere .  The breathable fabric makes it comfortable for both Mum and Bub!  

Sarah (Lilyfield)


Wearing the BUBZ  ‘over the bump’ leggings with the long line cami is a great lounging at home combo .  When teamed with the with the wrap it turns into a great casual go anywhere outfit. 

Veronica    (Balmain)


As well as being interchangeable the Bubz pieces are made of breathable plant  based fabric which is machine washable. I lay my pieces flat to dry and they don’t need ironing.        

Veronica    (Balmain)


I love wearing my Bubz dress as a skirt. The skirt’s bask sits comfortably over my 34 week bump. I wear it with the Bubz Cami or a Tee or long sleeve shirt. It looks great on a cool day with a sweater worn under the Bubz Wrap or a denim jacket.  I have even put my legs through the sleeves to create a very comfy jumpsuit style.         

Nermeen (Glenmore Park NSW)